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Worldwide direct sales


Over many decades, our BIKON original products have become the subject of active imitation worldwide, sometimes including trademark infringements with high economic damage. We make every effort to prevent and contain this in order to protect our customers from possible damage.

For this reason, we would like to clarify our policy against product piracy and brand protection:
BIKON and DOBIKON products are worldwide only available directly from us, BIKON-Technik GmbH, 41468 Neuss, Germany.

We have no representatives in Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South America or in Europe.

The only authorized representatives and partners are:

  • BIKON Sistemi S.r.l for Italy (no export from Italy)
  • Rubix B.V. Netherlands (no export from the Netherlands)

All other countries are supplied directly by us without exception.

Technical advice is generally only provided directly by us, BIKON-Technik GmbH in cooperation with the above-mentioned representatives.

Should third parties pretend to be authorized representatives acting on our behalf or even as "BIKON”, this is done illegally.

We have had many reputable dealers as customers for many decades, with whom we work closely. These customers act in their own name and do not pretend to be BIKON representatives.

Unfortunately, we are currently discovering more and more dubious who present themselves to customers on our behalf or simply present our registered trademarks on their websites. Particularly brazen are dealers who issue themselves so-called "Letters of Authorization" in our name and which be classified as document forgery.

On the worldwide web, our brands can always be found on the pages of companies that we do not know.

The uploading of our technical documents or catalogues to the web by third parties is not permitted. We assume no liability for such documents.
For liability reasons, up-to-date technical documents or catalogues are only available in our login area.

If you purchase our products from dealers - not directly from us - and would like to check whether they are BIKON original products, you are welcome to contact us for confirmation or request a certificate of conformity at the time of purchase. Its authenticity and signatures can only be confirmed by us.