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BIKON® –­ reliable frictional connections worldwide

BIKON-Technik GmbH has been developing new locking systems since 1972 and has been granted over 100 patents worldwide. 
BIKON is your specialist for locking applications in all areas of drive technology

Locking assemblies

Locking assemblies are designed for the backlash free, frictional joining of components (hubs) on smooth, ungrooved shafts/axles. This frictional connection is effected directly by the locking assembly (intermediate locking system). 

Shrink discs

Shrink discs are joined on the outer diameters of hubs (external locking system). Assembly involves shrinking the hub on the shaft/axis, generating thereby a frictional connection.  

Shaft couplings

We can offer shaft couplings in a range of variants. As with locking assemblies, the two shaft ends are joined in the form of a frictional connection. All of our shaft couplings are rigid to bending and torsion.

Flange couplings

The wide range of flange couplings is often restricted by the mating dimensions. Our product range offers not only the standard classical flange coupling BIKON 30 (developed, patented, and launched in 1981), but also a large number of variants. 

Locking bolts

Locking bolts increase the diameter of (hollow) shafts, generating a frictional connection with the hub (internal locking system). Their compact design and easy handling accelerate and simplify assembly.


Press-fit-bolts are designed primarily for the connection of flange couplings and patented as early as 1986. After clamping, these sit free of backlash in the holes. Just a few press-fit-bolts offer fast and simple assembly compared with relatively many screws for connecting flanges. 


We have been providing our customers with high quality solutions since 1972. In many applications worldwide, BIKON and DOBIKON products enjoy a reputation as reliable frictional shaft-to-hub connections with long service lives.

Our loyal customer base extends to both SMEs and global players. Whether classical machine building industry, automotive industry, gearbox manufacturers, or surface mining, we supply the entire world market with over forty different locking systems and over 4300 special solutions from our protected brands BIKON and DOBIKON. Our products are available for shaft diameters ranging from 6 mm to over 1000 mm. Inch based, rust resistant, and even surface coated variants provide the finishing touches to our product portfolio.“alette ab.“


Zlatko Dizdarevic